TV Work

Sancoche: A Delicious Melee of Caribbean People, Food and Craft (2004-2008)

Sancoche is a cooking and lifestyle television series, hosted by Mariel Brown, which ran on the air for six seasons, with upwards of 90 episodes, broadcast in Trinidad and Tobago and around the English-speaking Caribbean.

In Trinidad, a sancoche is a kind of soup that families make at the end of the week when all that remains in the fridge are left-overs.  So the soup becomes a delicious combination of surprising and unexpected ingredients.  That’s what the programme Sancoche is about too. We filmed coffee production in Jamaica, Arawaks making cassava bread in Guyana, pottery-making in central Trinidad, girlie tea parties and sumptuous feasts.  The show is suffused with laughter and joy, and touches on inspiration that can start out as simple as a mushroom omelette, and end up in paroxysms of pavlova glee!

Watch Sancoche for free on our YouTube Channel, SANCOCHETV.


Makin’ Mas with Brian Mac Farlane (2006)

Filmed in the months leading up to carnival 2006, Makin’ Mas with Brian Mac Farlane was an all-access pass behind the scenes of the making of a carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago.

You’ve heard of Trinidad’s Carnival – one of the world’s biggest street festivals.  For many people, Carnival (or what we call locally, “mas”) is the epitome of Trinidadian-ness: essential.  SAVANT followed Brian MacFarlane, one of Port of Spain’s most creative Carnival band designers for three months and filmed all aspects of his creative evolution. The six episodes make it clear that producing a carnival band is fast-paced, chaotic, and perilous, with disasters lurking around every corner. Months of work culminate in one glorious day of music, costumes, heat and people – it’s all part of the story of Makin’ Mas!

Makin Mas with Brian Mac Farlane is funded by CCN TV6.


My Dream Job! (2007)

Broadcast in September 2007, MY DREAM JOB! is a six-part television series that follows ambitious and highly motivated secondary school students as they explore their career interests by working with passionate working professionals and practitioners on the job.

Our cast, which comprised 12 kids aged between 16 and 18, went out into the world of work in July and August – armed with video cameras and ambition – to discover whether, in fact, their dream jobs would actually be all they imagined.  For some kids, the experience was way more than they expected, for others their dream jobs sort of fell flat – throughout though, they discovered new skills and talents, and show us some of the work possibilities that exist for young people in Trinidad and Tobago.

My Dream Job! is a project of the Ministry of Education.