is an independent video production company based in Trinidad and Tobago.  Begun in 2004, SAVANT has produced several television productions that cross genres and expose viewers to vibrant and engaging stories from around the Caribbean and beyond.  SAVANT’s productions include the cooking and lifestyle series, Sancoche, the documentary films The Insatiable SeasonThe Solitary Alchemist and Smallman: The World My Father Made, and the documentary series Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams and Unfinished Sentences. Our commissioned work, most notably for The Parliament Channel, includes the limited series West Indies at War and Within These Walls.

SAVANT is grounded firmly in the Caribbean, with shows focused on the region. It is particularly interested in addressing the dearth of Caribbean-produced programmes.  Its mission is to provide a face and a voice to one of the world’s most vibrant regions, with a rich tradition of multiculturalism. The Caribbean is our entry point to the rest of the world: our stories are universal and transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

SAVANT is a development and production company, dividing its time between creating content and producing projects.  It has a talented crew of award-winning producers, production and post-production staff which produces programmes that are visually rich, thought-provoking and above all entertaining.


Mariel Brown is an award-winning documentary director and founder of the creative and production companies SAVANT Ltd and SAVANT Films. Mariel has written features for various Caribbean magazines; in particular she writes about writers and artists. Her documentary films have been screened on television at festivals and special events around the world, most recently the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) and on afropop.tv – a web-based platform run by the US-based National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC). Two of Mariel’s films were picked up for traditional distribution and her work has appeared in publications such as Filmmaker MagazineVarietyScreen Daily and Wasafiri.


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