The Trouble With Plastic premieres at Green Screen 2016

The Trouble With Plastic is a short documentary that uncovers the plastic waste situation in Trinidad and Tobago with specific attention to recycling. It sheds light on the issues surrounding proper disposal of plastic waste including littering, flooding, recycling and the need for legislation to support positive waste disposal practices. The documentary features interviews with Plastikeep director Rosanna Farmer, supermarket executive Derek Winford and Dale Cozier of the Environmental Management Authority all tied together with one person’s vision for a better world and a cleaner Trinidad & Tobago.

The Trouble with Plastic was directed by Maya Cross-Lovelace as part of the Films for A Better Place Series for Green Screen 2016 presented by Sustain T&T. It features cinematography by Dominic Koo, graphics by Richard Mark Rawlins and music by Justin Lee.


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