‘Within These Walls’ on the Parliament Channel



“Within These walls” is a new series of short documentaries about historical buildings associated with governance in Port of Spain.

Commissioned by The Parliament Channel, SAVANT explores the histories – built, social and political – of some of Port of Spain’s most iconic buildings.

The Red House, Knowsley, Whitehall, Woodford Square and the Cabildo Building are the focus of the first five programmes.

The story of their construction, inhabitants and defining moments are as colourful and varied as the buildings themselves.

The series included interviews with architects Brian Lewis, Geoffrey McLean, Mark Raymond and Rudylynn Roberts, historian Bridget Brereton, and many others.

The first two episodes, which are on the Red House and Knowsley, will air on the Parliament Channel, Sunday 23rd March, at 10am and 5pm respectively.


Executive Producer: The Parliament Channel
Producer for The Parliament Channel: Candice Dubarry
Series Producer: Mariel Brown
Directors: Mariel Brown and Juliette McCawley
Music Composer: Francesco Emmanuel
Camera Operators: Maurice Alexander, Sean Edghill, Selwyn Henry
Sound Recordist: Cedric Smart